Cosmetic actives

Algues & Mer has launched in April 2016 a new active: Invincity®.

The secreat weapon against Polluaging®. One of the most complete actives of the market to protect skin from pollution and fight its damages.

Invincity® is concentrated in high molecular weight fucoidans.


Invincity® acts in two steps:

1) PROTECTING the skin from pollution: reinforcing the skin barrier and decreasing the AhR activity when skin is exposed to pollution. AhR are receptors to pollution, located in the skin. They are at the source of inflammatory response, melanogenesis and oxidative stress.

2) REPAIRING harmful effects of Polluaging®: decreasing dark spots and redness ; improving general morphology of the skin.


Red seaweeds developped chemical defences to fight against micro-organisms colonisation. They synthesize powerful biocidal molecules. These molecules can also preserve algae from herbivorous animals. In this field, the champion among red seaweeds is... Asparagopsis armata.

Ysaline® is the 1st product extracted from Asparagopsis armata (see Company/ production). It can highly contribute to the natural preservation of your formulas.

This original active ingredient can also fight acne, oily skin typical micro-infections, and dandruff.

Algues & Mer works in close parnership with major cosmetic companies which have the exclusive right to use some special active ingredients.